2023 Annual Report

Technology for Social Justice

Infoxchange is a leading not-for-profit social enterprise that has been delivering technology for social justice for over 30 years. We tackle the biggest social challenges through the smart and creative use of technology.

We work with community, government and corporate partners to solve issues around homelessness, family violence, mental health and disability, as well as supporting Indigenous communities, women, youth and families.

Our products and services are used by over 35,000 government and community services. We provide the right tools to improve efficiency and deliver greater impact.

We use technology to empower people and communities.

Through our work in digital inclusion and social innovation we use technology to empower people experiencing disadvantage, driving social inclusion and creating stronger communities.

We believe that nobody should be left behind in today’s digital world.


People in need


A message from our Chair and CEO

This year further demonstrated the importance of our work to bring technological efficiencies and stability to an overburdened sector. 

We saw the continued ripple effects of the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis facing many families and vulnerable community members, coupled with significant staffing and funding challenges faced by the not-for-profit sector. Data from Ask Izzy and our national service directory tracked several consecutive months of record-breaking service demand.

Responding to these demand challenges, our products and services have supported over 35,000 organisations in the last year with digital transformation and the use of data to measure impact growing in importance.

This year also saw the not-for-profit sector awaken to the realities of cyber security threats, with several large organisations targeted in high-profile cyber-attacks. One in eight organisations has experienced a cyber security incident in the last year, yet the sector remains largely unprepared with significant shortcomings, particularly in small to medium-sized organisations.

We are delighted to see our Digital Transformation Hub continue to provide value to the sector in critical areas, including technology foundations, cyber security, digital marketing and information systems. Since launching in 2021, we have helped over 20,000 organisations build digital capability and resilience.

Over 400 delegates joined us for the Connecting Up Conference this year to learn about the latest technology trends and discuss how to work together to continue building capacity in the sector. We very much appreciate the support from our sponsors, partners and speakers, including keynote presenters Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commissioner Sue Woodward AM and eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant.

We thank our customers and partners across the government, corporate, academic and not-for-profit sectors for your support during the year. Our long-term strategic partnerships continue to play a crucial role in helping us achieve impact at scale. 

Our team continues to work with a sense of urgency to help connect people with much-needed services and lead digital transformation across the sector. We thank all our staff, volunteers and advisory group members for your hard work and dedication in what has been a very challenging year. 

We also thank our Board members for generously giving their time during the year and for their stewardship, guidance and unwavering support.

This year, we farewelled Morgana Ryan from our Board after ten years of dedicated service, including as Deputy Chair and Chair of Infoxchange. We thank Morgana for her contribution during significant growth of the organisation.

We were also very sad to say goodbye to David Jonas, who passed away in March 2023. David loved Infoxchange and contributed as a member of the Board for ten years, serving on both the Strategy Committee and Finance & Risk Committee. He had a generous spirit, and we miss his friendship, wisdom and sharp sense of humour. 

Our vision of technology for social justice remains at the heart of everything we do. 

Thank you for your support.

Elana Rubin (Chair) and David Spriggs (CEO)'s names and signatures
Photo of Infoxchange Chair Elana Rubin and CEO David Spriggs standing outside

searches for help on Ask Izzy and our service directory

Icon - tech support

Over 19,000 hours of tech support delivered to the sector


worth of technology products and services were donated to not-for-profits

Icon - handshake

Over 11,000 organisations visited the Digital Transformation Hub during the year to access essential resources to build their digital capability

Highlights for this year: 

  • Over 35,000 community organisations were supported by our range of technology solutions, which includes managed IT services, client and case management, donated technology, service directory and referral solutions.

  • $195 million worth of technology products and services were donated
    to not-for-profits through our Connecting Up and TechSoup New Zealand platforms.

  • Our client and case management system was used by over 5,000 organisations with 7.9 million client records.

  • Over 470,000 electronic referrals were sent for people needing support during the year.

  • Our team maintained over 430,000 services listed on Ask Izzy and our service directory.

  • We have more than doubled our number of managed IT services customers in the last two years, providing over 19,000 hours of tech support in the last year alone.

  • Over 400 delegates hosted at the Connecting Up Conference.

three year strategy:

For over 30 years, Infoxchange has delivered on our vision of technology for social justice.

Our 2021-24 strategic ambition must be bold to meet our communities’ growing challenges. Together, we aim to scale our impact by supporting the for-purpose sector to better serve people in need and disrupt disadvantage through cross-sector collaborations leveraging our products, data and expertise.

We are committed to the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) will be brought to life across our focus areas by listening and reflecting on how we can better support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through the use of technology.

Photo of woman and man sitting at a desk in an office looking looking at each other and smiling


Icon - mobile phone with speech bubble

Digital Empowerment

Support people experiencing disadvantage to improve their lives through the use of technology.

Icon - bar chart

Sector Capability

Build the capability of the for-purpose sector to have greater impact in their communities through the use of technology.

Icon - 3 people connected

Collaborative Impact

Leverage our products, services and data expertise in cross-sector collaborations to improve outcomes for people experiencing disadvantage.

Our focus areas

Icon - house with love heart inside

People experiencing housing stress or homelessness 

Icon - woman and child

Women, youth
and families

Icon - head with clouds overlapping top of head

Mental health

Icon - person in wheelchair and person standing

People with a disability

Icon - alarm

Disaster relief
and recovery

How we work

Icon - 3 people standing together

People at the heart

We will design our products and services with the people and organisations we support at the heart of the solution.

Icon - chart

Better outcomes

Our products and services will enable the for-purpose sector to be more effective in their work, leading to better outcomes for people in need.

Icon - shield with tick

Trustworthy & reliable

Our products and services will be trusted and reliable, driving consistency in how people experience our brand.

Icon - handshake


We will build partnerships leveraging our expertise, products and data assets to tackle systemic social challenges.

Our goals


Scale our products and services to improve outcomes for people in need and the organisations that support them.


Share our data, insights and learnings to better inform, connect and empower the for-purpose sector.


Build and foster collective impact partnerships to disrupt disadvantage.


Our people, customers, partners and users consistently experience our brand in alignment with our values.


Infoxchange thrives as a social enterprise while serving our mission.

using technology to empower people & communities

Disrupting disadvantage

Pressure on communities and the frontline services that support them reached new heights this year. Beyond the frequent reporting on the cost-of-living crisis, Infoxchange tracked many months of unprecedented service demand across multiple categories via our nationwide service directory, Ask Izzy.

While almost 90 per cent of the Australian workforce requires at least a basic level of digital competence1, the 2023 Australian Digital Index found that 9.4% of Australians are still ‘highly excluded’ digitally, and there is a considerable digital gap between First Nations and non-First Nations people in Australia2. 

Our work in digital inclusion and social innovation utilises technology to empower people who are experiencing disadvantage. We believe that no one should be left behind in a world that relies heavily on technology.

1Source: Ready, set, upskill: effective training for the jobs of tomorrow, RMIT Online and Deloitte Access, 2023 

2Source: Australian Digital Inclusion Index, 2023 

3Source: Foodbank Hunger Report, 2023

4Source: Poverty in Australia, ACOSS & UNSW,2023 


of jobs require digital literacy skills1

Icon - laptop with wifi symbol

9.4% of Australians are still ‘highly excluded’ digitally2

Icon - boy and girl

1 in 6 children live below the poverty line4

households experienced severe food insecurity in the last 12 months3


of tenants in public housing are living in poverty4 

Icon - apple

42% increase of food support searches on our search directory compared to last financial year 

Icon - head with flower growing out of the top

Mental Health and Wellbeing searches overtook Financial Assistance as the third highest search category on our service directory

Ask Izzy and the directory helping people in need

Infoxchange’s service directory is a dynamic database of 430,000+ health, community and welfare service listings across Australia and is maintained by our dedicated directory team. 

Our team provides interfaces to our directory for our customers, who include federal, state, and territory governments, local councils, and numerous community organisations. 

Our service directory powers Ask Izzy, helping people in need across the community access critical support services.

Photo of Infoxchange’s service directory team at their annual team meeting in Melbourne

Infoxchange’s dedicated service directory team at their annual team meeting in Melbourne

Our customers and partners include:

In the past year:

searches across our national service directory


of searches came from our website Ask Izzy

service listings now feature on our service directory

Top 5 category searches






Financial assistance


Mental health & wellbeing


Relationships, parenting & families

Top 5 demographics of users seeking housing support via ask izzy


Families with children


Mental or emotional difficulties


Escaping family violence


Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander



breakdown of ask izzy users


  • 0-17 6% 6%
  • 18-26 22% 22%
  • 27-39 37% 37%
  • 40-54 25% 25%
  • 55-64 7% 7%
  • 65+ 3% 3%







Trans/gender diverse



















A big year for Ask Izzy

Photo of a bus stop with an Ask Izzy advert displayed

Ask Izzy is our public website providing user-friendly access to our nationwide service directory. The website connects people in need with relevant and local housing, food relief, financial aid, family violence support, counselling and much more. It’s free and anonymous to use and, thanks to our partners at Telstra and Vodafone, can be accessed without credit or access to Wi-Fi. 

Ask Izzy has logged millions of searches for information about services across Australia this year. Frontline volunteers and service providers love Ask Izzy for the fast and relevant support it can provide the people they support.

In September 2022, the Ask Izzy team launched the ‘My Lists’ feature, specifically designed to help service providers connect help seekers to lists of appropriate services.

This year, the team also ran a pilot with the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Data 61 and CSIRO (with support from Google.org) to propose a simple, scalable, and explainable algorithm for recommending social services in Ask Izzy. The pilot explored using machine learning to power recommendations in Ask Izzy to provide faster, more meaningful referrals to help seekers.

Ask Izzy and oOh!media 

We were fortunate and grateful to see our partnership with oOh!media develop further this year. As part of a phased upgrade of support, the community partnership to drive awareness of Ask Izzy expanded from state-wide to nationwide. 

The outdoor advertising campaign, initially rolled out in the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs, is now featuring on oOh!media’s assets at public transport locations, including bus shelters, railway stations and throughout major retail precincts and centres across the country. We thank oOh!media for their continued support.

The Data Catalyst Network Launches

Breaking Cycles of Disadvantage with Data Insights and Sector Collaboration 

Infoxchange launched an ambitious project this year known as the Data Catalyst Network, a project made possible through the Paul Ramsay Foundation with a mission to break cycles of disadvantage through the innovative use of data. 

Australian civil society’s largest network of data-driven experts 

Breaking cycles of intergenerational disadvantage is not an easy mission, but we know that the data capabilities of the not-for-profit sector can benefit from improved capabilities. Over 100 data-driven individuals are in our Community of Practice and come together for monthly data capability-building webinars and an open discussion about how we can improve data analysis. The working group aims to share data insights, collaborate to identify gaps and hypothesis areas, and generate new evidence-based methods to improve the lives of the most vulnerable young Australians. 

Insights from people with lived experience guide a network of more than 50 organisations across the not-for-profit, academic and government sectors, including Mission Australia, The Smith Family, Brotherhood of St Laurence, ARACY, UniSA, Goodstart, the South Australian Government, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Swinburne University, Murdoch University, the University of Queensland, Melbourne Institute (University of Melbourne), yourtown, and more. 

organisations across the not-for-profit, academic and government sectors are participating in the network

Icon - paper, pencil and set square

3 ideas-to-action projects will come out of the Data Catalyst Network 

data-driven participants are in our Community of Practice

Paul Ramsay Foundation logo
Brisbane’s place-based initiatives group stading together inddors

Brisbane’s place-based initiatives group featuring yourtown, Logan Together, Murdoch University, The University of Queensland, Mission Australia, Griffith University, ARACY, QCOSS and more. 

Using technology
to strengthen
our sector

Building Digital Resilience

It’s been an enormous year for Infoxchange as we continue to support many thousands of organisations in their digital transformation journeys with sector-specific products, donated and discounted technology, IT support, guidance and management. 

The Digital Transformation Hub is in its second year, providing an invaluable first contact point for not-for-profits and charities of all sizes beginning a digital transformation journey. 

Connecting Up, our donated technology and education program, has facilitated $195 million worth of discounted and donated technology to the sector in collaboration with our partners, including Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Google, Amazon Web Services and many more. 

not-for-profit, community organisations and government services have been supported

Icon - spanner and screwdriver

The team provided over 19,000 hours of tech support


worth of technology discounts were facilitated through our Connecting Up program

Icon - handshake

Over 919,000 individuals have been helped via our client and case management systems

electronic referrals were sent for people requiring support

Key partnerships

The sector’s
first stop for digital transformation 

Photo of a laptop sitting on a table displaying the Digital Transformation Website

It’s now two years since the Digital Transformation Hub was launched and already it has firmly established itself as the sector’s ‘one-stop-shop’ for building digital capability and resilience. 

Over 20,000 organisations have been helped by the Digital Transformation Hub since its commencement. We thank our founding partners, the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and Gandel Foundation, for their continued support.

The team has continued to deliver an invaluable resource to the sector, including a wide range of digital skills-building programs and resources, access to technology solutions and bespoke advice from a range of experts to ensure all not-for-profits have the ability to deliver more significant impact.

The Digital Transformation Hub team also launched and led significant partner projects this year: the Data Catalyst Network with support from the Paul Ramsay Foundation and the Asia-Pacific NGO Digital Transformation Project with support from Google.org.

Supporting Digital Transformations at the Water Well Project 

The Water Well Project (TWWP) improves the health literacy of migrants and people with asylum-seeker backgrounds via free education sessions. 

“When the pandemic hit, it changed everything around our delivery of health education sessions. I read about the Digital Transformation Hub, and their assistance was amazing” says Suzie Bratuskins, former CEO.

The big leap was setting up a CRM – a customer relationship management system, enabling remote contact with those needing health advice. 

organisations accessed essential resources to build their digital capabilities this past year

Icon - laptop with 3 stars in centre

34% increase in digital skills reported by the not-for-profits that accessed our webinar and self-paced learning programs

organisations completed one or more of our digital capability programs

speak about the launch of the Digital Transformation Hub

Partners who support the hub with resources and expertise include:

The IT service empowering the community sector

Smiling woman wearing a headset and sitting at a desk in an office, using a computer

Our Managed IT Services team is passionate and proud of the impact we support across all segments of the community sector. 

Uplifting the IT operations of community services organisations, often with lean budgets, creates the conditions for frontline services organisations to allocate more internal resources to their core mission. 

One of our most exciting projects underway is with a network of NSW Aboriginal Land Councils who have engaged Infoxchange to implement a technology uplift across 90 regionally-based Aboriginal Land Councils.

We are implementing Microsoft Cloud services, new audio-visual capability, and training across the state. The network will continue working with our Managed IT support after the implementation. 


We have more than doubled our number of customers since 2021

Icon - tech support

We have provided over 19,000 hours of tech support to the sector in the last year

A client and case management system designed for impact

Our client and case management (CCM) systems are used by thousands of service providers across the country to support their work with the community’s most vulnerable members. 

Infoxchange’s CCM systems offer unique flexibility to meet the specialised and complex needs of a vast range of programs, and we are proud to see them widely implemented across the community services sector in Australia. 

Our systems enable sensitive client information to be safely and securely recorded in one place. We’re delighted to have completed another year supporting the sector to spend less time on administration and more time efficiently delivering impactful support and services to community members.

Over the last 12 months, we have seen organisations mature in their use of data. Our CCM stores service delivery data to help organisations describe their impact by measuring program performance and client outcomes. It is compatible with a wide range of funder reporting specifications, making it easier for organisations to comply with funder requirements. 

Over the last year, we upgraded our hosting environment, ensuring our product is more reliable than ever. This year, we have begun a bold innovation program that will lead to more exciting innovations and capabilities in how organisations use their data and track their impact.

Some of the service areas we assist:

Icon - house with love heart in centre

Housing & homelessness

Icon - woman and child

Women, youth & families

Icon - 3 people

Indigenous communities

Icon - person in wheelchair and person standing


Icon - head with clouds overlapping

Mental health

Photo of happy woman and man sitting together in an office
Photo of a laptop displaying the the Client and Case Management system

client records are securely stored across our client and case management systems

Icon - Arrow pointing right

477,057 electronic referrals were sent for people in need of support in the last year

community not-for-profit and government services used our systems to manage client data and referrals securely

Key partnerships

Highlights from 2023

Photo of Foodbank workers packing boxes

Ask Izzy Helps Australians ‘Find Food’ Through Foodbank

Photo of 4 young people sitting against a bright yellow wall

Working to end loneliness

Photo of hands holding a phone showing the Ask Izzy app

Volunteers use Ask Izzy to give those in need a hand up

Photo of a group of people sitting at a table in a workshop looking at tablets

A new approach
to digital inclusion

Photo of a man standing at a lectern

Community Advisory Group

Photo of 3 women standing outside The Deli

Breaking barriers
with tech

Photo of a man and woman sitting together at a computer desk

Digital Transformation Across the Asia Pacific

Photo of a woman sitting at a desk in an office looking at her computer screen

Seamless Recovery
for Spectrum

Photo of 3 women


Photo of an office with streamers hung on the ceiling and a group of people


Photo of the smoke ceremony at the opening of the Melbourne office

Reflecting on reconciliation at Infoxchange

Driving sector-wide conversations on technology for social justice

Highlights from a year of advocacy

Sector forums

We continued our leadership of the Australian Digital Inclusion Alliance (ADIA) during the year working to accelerate action on digital inclusion. The ADIA is a shared initiative with over 500 business, government, academic and community organisations working together. We thank Google and Telstra for their continued financial support and recognise Australia Post as a founding member of the alliance.

We were also privileged to co-chair the Digital Leaders Network with the Community Council for Australia (CCA) during the year providing a forum for sector leaders to collaborate on digital technology opportunities and challenges.

4,000 senior leaders in the not-for-profit sector participated in McKinsey’s Mission Delivery over the last year, where Infoxchange delivered sessions on impact measurement, data management and cyber security.

Media and Comms

The Strategic Comms and Partnerships teams elevated our media and communications activities this year with significant growth and engagement on social media, Op-eds with partner communications platforms, several podcast features, and national exposure in high-profile media outlets. David Spriggs, CEO of Infoxchange, shared stories from our service directory data on ABC NewsRadio this year – listen here.


As well as our own Connecting Up Conference, Infoxchange sponsored, hosted and attended many events this year, including QCOSS Queensland Budget Breakfast, the National Children and Youth Homelessness Conference, and a presentation at the Social Enterprise World Forum.


Infoxchange won the Shared Value Project of the Year award at the Shared Value Awards 2022 as part of the Thriving Communities Partnership for our work on the One Stop One Story Hub. We were also finalists in the Impact Partner of the Year category for our work with TPG Telecom on Ask Izzy Connect. We thank TPG Telecom for their ongoing partnership.

David Spriggs (Infoxchange CEO) giving a presentation

Connecting Up Conference 2023

After three days of masterclasses, panels, plenaries and awards, the Connecting Up Conference 2023 was celebrated as our most successful yet.

From our first-ever pre-conference networking drinks (sponsored by Australian Ethical Super) to record attendance at our revamped masterclass program to planting almost 2,000 trees at our first-ever Conference Forest, this was a ground-breaking year in more ways than one.

Record sponsorships and support

The event brought together 400 sector leaders representing every state and territory, and we saw record sponsorship from technology leaders, including Platinum Sponsor ManageEngine and Gold Sponsors AWS, ELMO, and Freshworks/Exsead.

The Victorian Government continued as our Major Event Partner and we were thrilled to achieve further recognition of the event through sponsorship by Melbourne City Council.

Our conference team also attracted the participation of mainstream media for the first time, as Channel 9 journalist Mark Santomartino joined our Media and Communications Panel.

Influential Speakers

Our most high-profile, influential panel of speakers yet featured inspiring leaders from across Australia, with Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commissioner Sue Woodward AM and Australian eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant taking to the stage in front of a packed room at Melbourne Convention Centre.

National media coverage

The media excitement continued after a journalist from the Australian Associated Press attended eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant’s keynote and wrote an article about the dangers of artificial intelligence, which achieved national coverage in syndicated press across Australia.

Conference attendees and sponsors were excited to wake up to articles proclaiming ‘The Genie is out of the bottle on Artificial intelligence’ in publications including The Canberra Times and Yahoo!News, with all articles mentioning the conference and venue by name.


of attendees were senior leaders and decision-makers

400+ attendees


of attendees agreed the event “exceeded expectations”

20% increase in income (sponsorships and ticket sales)

Photo of 5 people in celebratory poses next to conference banner
Photo of Sue Woodward presenting at the conference
Photo of crowd at conference
Photo of man holding microphone at conference

Partners and sponsors

2023 Australian Not-for-Profit Technology Awards

Infoxchange was thrilled to host the Australian Not-for-Profit Technology Awards again in 2023. 

Almost 150 guests attended the sold-out event, celebrating the best in technology innovation and service excellence in the not-for-profit sector across Australia. This year, over 50 nominations were received across eight categories.

The ‘Not-for-Profit Technology Innovator of the Year’ award was once again the most hotly contested category, followed closely by the inaugural ‘Best Use of Data for Community Impact’ award, which Mission Australia won.

Photo of woman holding award and celebrating win

Award winners:

  • Best Accidental IT Person: Claire Sowden, Resilient Lismore
  • Best Social Media Campaign of the Year: This Life Cambodia with ‘Goodbye My Love’
  • Best Technology Achievement by a First Nations Person or Group: Jajoo Warrngara: The Culture Classroom
  • Technology Volunteer of the Year: Matt Segal, Anika Legal
  • Best Use of Data for Community Impact: Mission Australia
  • Technology for Community Impact – Best Private Sector Organisation: UTS Rapido Social Impact
  • Not-for-Profit Technology Innovator of the Year: ReachOut PeerChat
  • Not-for-Profit Technology Lifetime Service Award: Peter van Dijk, The Lord Howe Island Museum
Photo of two women smiling for the camera with crowd behind them
Photo of David Spriggs (Infoxchange CEO) presenting at the awards

Digital Technology in the Not-For-Profit Sector Report

This year, cyber security in Australia became a hot topic, with daily news coverage on high-profile cyber breaches and ransom events.

Our annual Digital Technology in the Not-for-Profit Sector Report surveyed over 1000 organisations. The report provided important insight into the needs of the sector on topics of the use of data, measuring impact, cyber security and digital transformation strategy.

We were delighted to host Hon. Dr Andrew Leigh MP, Assistant Minister for Competition, Charities and Treasury and Dr Catherine Brown, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, at the launch the report.

Photo of the report open on yellow background


of organisations agree that their systems enable them to understand the impact of their services

Icon - laptop and mobile next to each other, both with ticks at centre

76% of organisations have implemented multi-factor authentication to some degree


of organisations have a technology plan or digital transformation strategy in place

Icon - lock in a circle with nodes coming out

Only 13% of organisations agree they have a clearly documented plan to improve cyber security protection


Large statistic: "155 staff" next to illustration of 3 people







Stat: "9% LGBTQI+" inside heart on a rainbow
Stat: "1% identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander" next to icon of 3 people

Fun facts

Icon - slice of pizza

65% of us think Hawaiian pizzas are delicious

Icon - mobile

Apple is the most popular phone

Icon - baby (face only)

6 babies born

Icon - shoe with toe on ground but the rest lifted and lines to show movement

Walking / Running
is our favourite form
of exercise

Icon - hand doing a Star Trek gesture

65% of us like Star Wars or Star Trek, with 35% not interested in either

Driving better ways of working

Photo - 4 women at the smoking ceremony at the Melbourne office opening

“We could not deliver Infoxchange’s significant sector contribution and vision of technology for social justice without the ongoing daily efforts of our dedicated people.

This year, we refreshed and introduced new policies to further progress Infoxchange as an organisation that supports working families. Initiatives this year have enabled:

  • More accessible and supportive parental leave for both parents, including removing eligibility waiting periods, top-ups for the government-paid parental leave, and paid superannuation for primary carers for the duration of their parental leave absence
  • Better provisions for children in the workplace, carers, family & domestic violence, and flexible (hybrid) working

These policy changes, alongside our new Tech Ready career program, reflect our organisational strategy and place greater focus on all genders to have a career in technology – and we are seeing the result of this with more women being hired, promoted, and retained in our organisation.

Additionally, this year, Infoxchange participated in Career Revive, a government program in partnership with KPMG to improve employment for women returning to work. We are delighted to have completed the program with a gold status, and be sponsoring our first two trainees through the program.

As part of our Manager Capability Uplift program, all people managers participated in the Management Series this year. The School of Life delivered the series, providing space for managers to reflect and focus on their development and how they can improve support for their teams and each other.

I can’t wait to see what we achieve in the year ahead!”

Kate Hickman
Chief People Officer

Employee Engagement survey

We are proud to see strong positive results in almost all areas of our annual Employee Engagement survey this year. 

  • Employee Engagement 86% 86%
  • Work & Life Blend 90% 90%
  • Social Connection 88% 88%
  • Diversity & Inclusion 88% 88%
  • Psychological Safety 84% 84%
  • Management 85% 85%

Our values

Icon - two arrows pointing up, the right one is taller


Icon - circle with plus sign in centre


Icon - handshake


Icon - light bulb with lines radiating out


Icon - clipboard with check list and magnifying glass


Photo of the executive leadership team indoors

Executive Leadership Team

Infoxchange is led by dedicated professionals passionate about using technology to drive social change and foster stronger communities. Our leaders possess a breadth of local and international experience across the community, government and technology sectors.

2022-2023 Executive Leadership Team (l to r):

  • Brian McLaughlin: Chief Operating Officer
  • Mike Davis: Head of Strategic Partnerships and Communications
  • David Spriggs: CEO of Infoxchange
  • Wayne Gorst: Head of Corporate Services
  • Tomer Ginel: Chief Financial Offer
  • Cass Read-Hamilton: Head of Delivery Operations
  • Alison Ramsay: Head of Technology
  • Kate Hickman: Chief People Officer

Thank you for your service, Wayne!

Following a lifetime of service to the community sector and seven years at Infoxchange, we farewell Wayne Gorst from the Infoxchange team and thank him for his outstanding contribution to our vision of technology for social justice.

Over the last seven years, Wayne has played an integral part in our work and growth in the sector. We have appreciated his caring nature and generous support for all around him. Thank you Wayne!

Welcome to our new CFO Tomer Ginel!

In April 2023, we were thrilled to welcome Tomer Ginel as Chief Financial Officer of Infoxchange.

Tomer has led finance, strategy and operations teams in start-ups, medium-sized organisations and large ASX-listed groups across multiple industries, including Technology, Professional Services, Media, Retail and Consumer Goods. Throughout his career, he has also volunteered his time and skills to support multiple for-purpose organisations. He currently serves on the board of a for-purpose organisation as a non-executive director.

Tomer’s blend of financial and strategic leadership skills, values, and commitment to social justice make him a valuable addition to our team.

Our board

Headshot of David Jonas

Vale, David Jonas

Infoxchange recognises the life of David Jonas and his contribution to our vision of technology for social justice. David loved Infoxchange and contributed significantly as a member of the Board for ten years (2013 – 2023), serving on both the Strategy Committee and Finance & Risk Committee. 

Sadly, David passed away on 20 March 2023. We miss his friendship, wisdom and sharp sense of humour. Thank you, David, for your generosity of service to Infoxchange and the community more broadly.

Finance &


We have seen continued growth in demand for our products and services over the last year in a challenging environment as the community sector has responded to the flow-on effects of the pandemic, including record demand for services and the rising cost-of-living pressures.

Infoxchange’s total turnover was $32.7 million, an increase of more than 8% from the previous year, and net revenue totalled $28.6 million.

We are grateful for the continued support of our customers and partners across government, philanthropy, corporate and not-for-profit sectors that have enabled us to achieve this result.

Organisations across the community sector have faced many challenges in the uncertainty of the current economic environment. Delays in the implementation of projects by some of our customers had financial impacts during the year, although we continue to have a strong pipeline of work in this area.

Following significant surpluses in previous financial years, the board has decided to continue investing in several strategic initiatives funded from retained earnings. These initiatives included next-generation product development (including the cost of migration to the AWS cloud), the transformation of our managed IT services, the development of Ask Izzy Plus, strengthening our people and work culture, capability and systems, and uplifting our information security capability.

The total investment in strategic initiatives (including capital expenditure) to date is:

Next-Generation Product Development


Managed IT Services


Ask Izzy Plus


People, Capability and Systems




This strategic investment was completed by the end of the financial year. This year, Infoxchange leadership began the implementation of new priorities to strengthen our financial sustainability in a challenging period for the sector, including cost containment, new revenue streams and business review.

We have been encouraged by the funding received from philanthropy, state governments and corporate partners to support our work enabling the digital transformation of community organisations.

We have also been fortunate to receive generous in-kind support from several corporate partners over the past 12 months including Google and oOh!media, whose in-kind support totalled nearly $4 million this year. These partnerships have been essential during record demand for support services across the community.

The Infoxchange accounts were audited by BDO, Melbourne, and a full copy of the audited financial statements is available upon request.


total turnover this year

Icon - piles of coins

we will continue investing
in several strategic initiatives
funded from retained earnings


increase of total income compared to the previous year

Infoxchange became the sole member of Connecting Up on 30 November 2018. Until 30 June 2022, Connecting Up retained a separate structure and continued its operations, with Infoxchange and Connecting Up supporting each other in joint activities through a shared services agreement. As of 30 June 2022, all assets and operations of Connecting Up were transferred to Infoxchange. Infoxchange continues to operate the Connecting Up platform and associated
capability-building programs.

Turnover growth by financial year

Chart - turnover growth

Climate Action at Infoxchange

This year, our climate action team have made more steps towards sustainability, and our e-waste landfill diversion program has continued to make a large impact. 

We have a new environmental policy and implemented Climate Clever, a carbon accounting system that simplifies tracking, reducing, and offsetting of our operational emissions.

Infoxchange is also implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) aligned to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. The EMS will govern our environmental management practices and performance and guide our actions.

Our refurbishing partner is PonyUp for Good, a certified social enterprise providing a sustainable collection of decommissioned technology, secure data erasure and re-marketing across Australia. PonyUp donates 50% of its profits to our friends at SecondBite, a charity that rescues many tonnes of fresh food each year and redistributes it to food programs nationally.

Deep roots in sustainability 

Tree02 is a tree-tracking technology that provides transparency, accountability and motivation for the custodianship of forests by the farmers who plant them. Tree02 is led by Andrew Mahar, founder and former Executive Director of Infoxchange. 

In partnership with Tree02, Infoxchange has planted over 644 trees to recognise the years of service of our employees. For every milestone an employee passes, we donate trees in their name, one for each year of service contributing to carbon drawdown and supporting Timorese tree farmers. 

Additionally, delegates at our 2023 Connecting Up Conference were thrilled to hear of and contribute to our first-ever conference forest in partnership with Tree02.

of CO2 emissions saved through carbon offsetting program with Carbon Social

Icon - computer with spanner and scrwedriving on screen

16.5 tonnes of refurbished hardware diverted from landfill provided to the not-for-profit sector this year (216 tonnes since 2014)

Infoxchange has been carbon neutral since 2018

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644 trees planted as part of our long-service employee recognition program

Our sustainability partners:

Thank you

Thank you to all our incredible partners and supporters who have worked with us this year to achieve positive social change through the innovative and creative use of technology.

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Acknowledgement of Country

We’re based on the lands of the Wurundjeri, Kaurna and Turrbal peoples, the traditional custodians of the land, waters and knowledge for this place, where we gather to collaborate and strengthen communities. In our work, we recognise the importance of Country – not just as a place, but how it also maintains community, family, kin, lore and language.

We pay our respects to Elders past and present. This always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

We support the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

This original artwork was designed for Infoxchange by Marcus Lee, a proud Aboriginal descendant of the Karajarri people of Western Australia.

Two flags: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
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Infoxchange is 100% carbon neutral.

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